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Perfectly positioned to act as a local partner for international companies looking to set up business in the UAE, Fusion Middle East offers customised solutions, mitigating risks faced by our clients while paving a secure path towards success.

We understand that finding a transparent and trustworthy partner is the most critical step for your businesses. Fusion Middle East provides the security investors need to establish their business within the UAE, offering reliable support and service that allows our clients to evolve and develop, encouraging them to succeed, and supporting them in their ambition.


Providing corporate partnership to foreign investors looking to start or expand a business in the UAE, Fusion Middle East uses local knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions, catering to each client’s individual business needs and helping to achieve their business objectives.

After identifying the appropriate company structure for the new set-up in the UAE – whether that’s a limited liability company, branch or representative office – Fusion Middle East uses insights into the local market and its extensive network of connections to lay the groundwork for success.

This means navigating the complex system of regulatory processes and procedures in the UAE, eliminating potential barriers, and fulfilling all necessary requirements to allow the new business to be established. Fusion Middle East is also on hand to ensure each new business abides by local regulations, helping to minimise risk while staying on the right side of the law.

By providing the highest levels of service and support, Fusion Middle East is able to help businesses set up in the UAE quickly and efficiently, with minimal stress in the minimal length of time.


Our Name


noun: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

We truly believe that we are better together. We have the know-how and expertise in local process and procedure, while you are the expert in running your business. By bringing these two elements together and applying some energy, we can create a truly successful partnership, with endless potential.


Our Logo

Inspired by the geographical location of the Middle East, our logo design represents the importance of this region, in that it is fast becoming a global hub for business. The four crossed lines not only symbolise the axis of a compass, but they also create a new space in the centre. It’s not just a meeting point or an intersection, it’s a new entity.




We know that running a business holds challenges. However, navigating your way through foreign processes, laws, and regulations should not be a challenge you have to face alone. As your local partner, we’re on hand to deliver business solutions and services that help lighten your load.

We have a long and distinguished track record of delivering premium company formation and corporate services. We have successfully partnered with more than 80 clients, from 18 countries, who operate within 24 different industries.

At every step, we facilitate our clients’ success, by providing them with all the tools they need to establish and run their business here in the UAE.

We offer honest advice, friendly support and much-needed security to investors. At least, that’s what our clients tell us! Read more about what they have to say about working with us here.

Get in touch with us today, to find out for yourself how we can help you in your business venture.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation
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Mission & Values

We aim to make Fusion Middle East the go-to partner of choice within the Middle East, by providing our clients with unparalleled support and services.

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