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Corporate Services in UAE

At Fusion Middle East, we understand that setting up a business within a unfamiliar landscape can be somewhat daunting. Foreign investors looking to set up in Dubai have to follow the processes and procedures as set out by UAE law, many of which they will be unacquainted with.

With our extensive local knowledge and expertise, we make that journey as smooth as possible. We ensure all processes are followed in the correct order, we file all relevant paperwork, and we obtain the correct licenses to ensure your new business in Dubai is set up according to the law.

Offering an array of essential corporate services, Fusion Middle East ensures all boxes are ticked, so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business while retaining full control.

With the peace of mind that your business abides by the law, you can of course, take advantage of all the guidance and support that we provide, as your local experts. This begins with working out which company structure would work best for your new business.


Potential Company Structures for Business in Dubai

By choosing a limited liability company  (LLC) structure, your business won’t face restrictions on where it can trade within the UAE, allowing for trade throughout the GCC and UAE, including in free zones. You can choose from a wide range of business activities, with no minimum share capital requirements, and no customs duty on imported goods.

Establishing an LLC in Dubai does however, require a UAE national to hold a 51% stake in your company. By choosing Fusion Middle East as your local partner, you can benefit from a trustworthy and transparent service, and full guidance and support, while we handle all necessary paperwork, license and visa applications.

A great option for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in Dubai, a foreign branch office can carry out the same business activities as its parent, as long as they are approved in advance by relevant local authorities.


As an extension of a foreign parent company, a foreign branch office remains wholly owned by that parent, so there is no need for a local partner. However, a UAE national is required to act as local service agent in all dealings with government departments. Acting as your local service agent, Fusion Middle East ensures all necessary paperwork is filed and all licenses are obtained.


Similar in structure to the foreign branch office, the representative office is an extension of its parent company, working as a ‘shop window’ to introduce its products and services, while promoting the brand within the UAE.

The representative office cannot export, import or sell in the UAE, and must limit its services to marketing and administration. Again, Fusion Middle East can act as the required local service agent, ensuring the representative office is set up correctly, with all relevant licenses and paperwork filed according to the law.

Designed to aid professionals setting up business in the UAE, the professional service license is issued to service providers, professionals, artisans and craftspeople, which may include professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants.

Allowing owners to retain 100% ownership of their business in Dubai, this license does require a UAE to act as local service agent. Handling all dealings with government departments, Fusion Middle East acts as your local service agent, again, ensuring all documentation is filed correctly so that your business is set up as a legal entity within the UAE.


Corporate Services We Provide

Here are some of the most important corporate services Fusion Middle East provides as your local partner or local service agent:

  • Application, amendment and renewal of commercial registration,
  • Application and assistance in relation to share transfers,
  • Obtaining or amending your company’s trade license,
  • Obtaining or amending your company’s labour quota,
  • Obtaining and renewing employee visas,
  • Acquiring and renewing regulatory approvals from the following ministries:
    • Ministry of Economy & Commerce
    • Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs
    • Supreme Council of Health
    • Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning
    • Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage.


Contact us on 00 971 4381 7333 to find out more about the corporate services we provide, and why you should choose Fusion Middle East as your local partner or local service agent. Arrange your free no-obligation consultation today!

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