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Partnership Formation in the UAE

Before starting a business in Dubai, foreign investors must first determine the business activities they will undertake in the UAE, to allow them to establish the correct company structure.

While each company structure has its advantages and its drawbacks, it’s likely your business will only be suited to one type of company setup. For most foreign investors, that company structure will be the limited liability company (LLC).

Establishing an LLC in Dubai will afford your business plenty of benefits, but it does come with one very important stipulation. Each foreign-owned LLC in Dubai must have a UAE national as a business partner, who holds a minimum 51% stake in the venture.

For foreign investors looking to find business partners, there are certainly plenty to choose from. But, finding the right local business partner is perhaps not as easy as you might think.

This local partner has to be trusted to give you a good deal, while being totally transparent in its dealings, and not taking advantage of you because, as a foreigner, you know no different.

Not only that, your local partner has to offer you the support you need to succeed in Dubai, ensuring all processes and procedures are followed so that your business is set up correctly.

At Fusion Middle East, we offer all of this and more. We are the local partner you can rely on through company set up to success.


Partnership Formation with Fusion Middle East

  • As your local partner, Fusion Middle East will hold the stipulated 51% share of your new business in Dubai, which means taking on 51% of the risk – but not 51% of the profit.
  • As your local partner, we leave control of your business with you, the business owner. We offer guidance and support, but the day-to-day decision-making remains with you.
  • As your local partner, we are there to ensure all documentation is completed and filed with the correct Ministry body, dealing with any ministerial requirements, such as licenses and renewals, while providing local insight to ensure your business abides by the laws of Dubai.
  • As your local partner, we provide you with essential PRO services and corporate services, such as obtaining approvals for commercial activities, applying for and renewing corporate licenses and visas for you, your employees and your family.


Find out more about everything Fusion Middle East has to offer as your business partner in Dubai, by contacting us today on  00 971 4381 7333 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation
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Pro services

Establishing a company in Dubai means engaging the services of a government liaison officer to handle all PRO services. Find out how Fusion Middle east can assist you.

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