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Maid Visa for UAE

Expat families living in Dubai often choose to employ the services of a housemaid to help around the house. These services could include cooking for the family, cleaning the house, and taking care of the children.

However, if the maid is not a UAE national, a maid visa will be required to allow the maid to live and work here in Dubai.


Who can apply for a maid visa?

To sponsor a housemaid and apply for a maid visa, the applicant must be a resident of the UAE and meet minimum salary requirements.

The applicant must also not be related to the maid. So, if the applicant and maid are from the same country of origin, an affidavit from their embassy certifying non-relation is required.

The law also states that a bachelor cannot employ the services of a live-in maid on a maid visa. Applicants must live with their family if the maid visa application is to be processed.


Maid Visa Essential Info

According to UAE regulations, applicants looking to sponsor a maid on a maid visa in Dubai can only source maids from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Each of these countries feature stipulations on minimum wage, age and working conditions, which have to be met by sponsors. So, if the maid originates from India, the maid needs to earn the minimum wage and conditions as set out by Indian law.

To sponsor a maid in Dubai, the maid typically has to be aged 58 or less, although this can vary from case to case.

If a family needs more than one maid, the request will be looked at by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, which will assess the needs of the family and its income levels.


Documents Required for a Maid Visa

In order to apply for a maid visa, a range of documentation is required. This can include:

  • A copy of the maid’s passport, and six passport photos,
  • A copy of both the sponsor and the sponsor’s spouse’s passport,
  • Prepaid application form,
  • If the sponsor is a private sector employee, the sponsor’s employment contract must be attested by Immigration,
  • If the sponsor is a government, semi-government or free zone employee, their salary certificate does not need attestation,
  • If the sponsor is an investor or partner, a copy of the contract displaying their shareholding, a copy of the trade license and partners list (for a limited liability company), and a copy and the original of the partner’s financial security deposit,
  • A copy of the residence tenancy contract confirming that the property has at least two bedrooms,
  • A copy of an electricity and water bill in the name of the applicant or spouse,
  • An affidavit for both the applicant and the maid from the country of origin stating no relation (if from the same country).

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