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Emirates ID Card

As the name suggests, the Emirates ID card is a card used throughout the UAE as a form of identification for its residents. It is a plastic card, about the same size as a credit card, which contains personal information and smart card functionality.

The personal information provided on each card includes the full name of the cardholder, the cardholder’s gender, nationality and ID number, and a photograph of the cardholder. The cardholder’s ID number is a 15-digit number that is unique to them, which is theirs for life.

In regards to the security of the information stored within the card, the Emirates ID card features a smart card electronic chip, public key infrastructure (including a digital signature and authentication certificates), and a finger biometric.

As the electronic chip stores a range of important personal information about the cardholder, this data is encrypted, and can only be read, written over or updated by authorised authorities. To access the card, the cardholder must use a four-digit PIN.


Essential Info on the Emirates ID Card

The Emirates ID card is mandatory for all UAE citizens and residents, including expats. Expats may apply for their Emirates ID card after obtaining their residence visa.

It is a requirement that the cardholder carries the card at all times, producing it whenever required by law. The cardholder is also required to renew or arrange the replacement of the card when it becomes invalid, reporting its loss if it goes missing.

Aside from being used as a form of identification, the Emirates ID card also has a number of other uses – the list of which continues to grow.

The Emirates ID card can be used to access secure e-services, while providing the cardholder with a portable personal database.

As a feature currently being rolled out by insurance companies, cardholders can – or will soon be able to – use their Emirates ID instead of their medical insurance card as a proof of eligibility to use direct billing medical services.

This feature allows medical facilities access to the cardholder’s medical information, simply by accessing the Emirates ID card.

Other features of the card provide an easy way to travel, used by cardholders at the airport when exiting and entering Dubai. The card can also be used at banks to identify the cardholder, and it can be used to pay for petrol, utilising ADNOC SMART, a fuelling self-service at ADNOC petrol stations.


Applying for an Emirates ID Card

Included within our extensive range of visa services, Fusion Middle East can assist with the application of your Emirates ID card, as well as your residence visa.

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